Key to the Watery Gates

by Tond

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"Key to the Watery Gates" revolves around a man who, discontent with his life, joined the crew of a ship, which was destroyed in a tumultuous storm. Drifting in a state of limbo, neither dead nor alive, he eventually encountered a beautiful city in the ocean’s depths. After being lured in by its splendor, he was startled when the gates closed behind him, and the setting around him melted into an underwater hell. Discontent with the watery prison, he sought and ultimately consummated a physical confrontation with Satan himself. The tide of the epic battle ebbed and flowed but ultimately Satan was defeated and the protagonist wrested the key from Satan’s cold grip, opened the Watery Gates, and stepped into the "Great Beyond."


released September 13, 2013

Nathan English - Guitars
Noah Jones - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards



all rights reserved


Tond Richmond, Virginia

Black metal.

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Track Name: Voyage on the Wandering Star
I have grown so tired of this life, I have the need to start anew
Become a man of the sea, float far into the blue
These oceans can be my home, let my eyes see strange lands
Forever I may roam, I could be a new man
The boredom will be gone, fade in the salted air
As I sing a sailor's song with the freedom that I blare

This ship, the Wandering Star, will take me oh so far
Wherever my heart wants to take me I will go

The crew and I are one, now the closest of friends
We sail into the sun, no need to pretend
Track Name: The Wrecking of a Noble Vessel
The clouds of storm hang over the sky, the heavens all a blanket of grey
An ominous feeling chills my spine, a time of trial is not far away
The captain and crew prepare for a lashing from the sea
I'm cold and I'm scared but I know this is all a part of my journey

The splintered remains float along
A ship once carried by the breeze
A noble vessel dies today
Now she sleeps beneath the sea
Track Name: Alone and Adrift
Track Name: Far Beyond This Mortal Realm
I awake with a new world around me
Wrapped up in a cold, firm embrace
As my eyes adjust to the darkness
Into the black stillness I gaze
I don't feel as I once did
What could be wrong that lead me to this?
I feel asleep, though I'm awake
Deeper I sink beneath the waves

As I move, it feels like I've crossed
Into a vast cosmic plain
My spirit, detached from my body
The only thing kept is my name
The Wandering Star is far behind me
Now a new voyage with me at the helm
As I spy a light in the distance
Far beyond this mortal realm
Track Name: Oceanic Blaze
A jewel under the sea, a city-scape of which I've never seen
Made of pearls and coral and other deep sea things
But why does this beautiful place seem so menacing?
As I enter inside, the illusion fades away
I begin hearing shrieks of pain as night replaces day
Then a dark figure approaches me
"Welcome mortal, to the place where I dwell
I hope you enjoy my nautical hell
Where the dead sink, and the flames are cold
And the serpents feast on the shattered soul
This city built on the bones of the dead
Here, words of hope are never said
It's now your turn to join the ranks of the damned
Never again will you walk on the land."
"Get behind me Satan, I refuse to submit to your control
Your throne, your crown, your world of death
Will not keep me chained if it takes my last breath
So be aware that I will never surrender
Release me now or you will have to feel my terror."
Track Name: Key to the Watery Gates
A cry of fire echoes as I launch the final attack
The father of lies bleeds from his wretched heart so cold and black
He curses and he spits, as he sinks into the pit
Defeated, dying, dead, Satan reaches up his hand
and lets go something small, and something silver, something grand
A key of black ancient symbols is what comes to me
The demons chant "You've proved yourself, you'll be the one to see"

"What lays before you is no ordinary key
It leads into a distant world that no one else has seen
The Great Beyond is what lurks ahead but you must ask yourself
Are you prepared to face this, or are you happier in hell?"

Key to the watery gates
Key to the watery gates
I say I've come so far, I'll push ahead whatever I may face
And so the demons show me to a set of watery gates
As the key twists in the lock, the gates have opened wide
Farewell to all, I step into The Great Beyond's lights

Key to the watery gates